Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Getting ready to do my first self-released album in years. The distribution network is going to be a little weird though. All copies will be free...but with a catch of course 14 new tracks. Analog format only. These should start to be available to adventurous spirits over the next month.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Working on creating a better archive of my musical output, since currently there is just a mess spread all over the web. Sometimes I have trouble remembering which releases were on which labels, this site seeks to resolve that issue and place some authority behind the strange scramble you'll find in a Google search.



Tons more over here:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Bridgetown Records is about to release my newest record toward the end of May.  It is called DEA Fires and it is vaguely psychedelic and definitely bongo driven.  If you throw up a little bit, that's kind of the point.  Bongos are pretty solid in my book though.

The record will be available at my three upcoming LA area shows.

June 2nd @ dA Center for the Arts,
252-D South Main St., Pomona, CA
w/ comfort slacks, nicole kidman, no paws

June 3rd @ Manny's Depression Chamber
House Show, Fontana, CA
w/ comfort slacks, nicole kidman, torn humorist, infinity dots, bronson caves, shivering window, monochromes

June 4th @ Pehrspace
325 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
w/ comfort slacks, nicole kidman


There are still many things missing from this list, but I hope to complete it soon. Much of my output over the past 10 years seems a mystery...even to me.

D.E.A. Fires (Cassette)
Bridgetown Records


"10 song album satirizes the laidback culture of illicit farmers in Northern California, ponchos as a fashion statement, psychedelic mysticism and hippie lifestyle with lyrical aplomb. In classic Thill form, his exuberant vocals hush, bellow and snarl over graceful chords and subtle ringing harmonics strummed from an abused classical guitar."

Young Dumb Drugs (Lathe Cut 7")
Folktale Records


"A catchy pop number about the love of being young and wreckless. The song is lathe-cut onto a red picnic plate (remember the flexi-disc?) and has a wonderfull warm feeling, similar to that of an old 78. The record comes housed in a plastic sleeve with a photo-copied insert, which is then slipped into a screen printed carboard box with 25 candles."
President of Happiness (Cassette)
Folktale Records


"Thill's most well contructed and memorable songs to date, showing what a talented songwriter he really is. Comes on a pro-dubbed and imprinted cassette in an edition of 100 copies with a full-color cover and includes a digital download."

John Thill / Whitman split (7")
Sidral Mundet / Neon Heaven
Natrix Natrix Records


"Songs that burst forth quick and excitedly make you feel prepared for love again, sitting on a curb, sipping on a sweet mexican soda pop."

Goth Tales (CDR)
Folktale Records


"This is a collection of eight songs about gothic/pagan culture. The songs are dark, distorted, and often disturbing. After a lengthly delay, we are proud to offer one of Thill's most effective conceptual releases to date. The album come's on tinted-red CD-R's packaged inside of a heavy duty paper case with black on black printing, and sewn together like an old spell book."

Las Lonely Girls (7")
Limited Appeal Records


"Edition of 111 of which 23 of the records are on colored vinyl. The record centers are hand stamped and stenciled. Record jackets are hand numbered and assembled. Comes with a booklet of John’s drawings."

Broken Freeways (Cassette)
Unread Records


"Thill opens up his chest cavity to reveal a glitteringly detailed and expansive diorama of life in the LA suburbs, populated with bizzarro characters from childhood-friends-turned-street-gang-kings (Petty King) to legendary local debutantes (The Flower of West Covina) and all cast in potently affecting tales articulated beautifully in Thill's subtly accented wail. Whether singing about riding his bike on freeways, white supremacist groups, or the apocalypse, Thill brings a truly necessary energy to each and every song, raising the overall wallop-packing power of this cassette." - Gabriel Keehn

The Sluts (3" CDR / Cassette)
Faux Pas Recordings / JK Tapes

Out of print

"This EP is at once beautiful, haunting, and any number of other adjectives really, this was a real pleasure to release."

Girls of Meth (Cassette)
Unread Records


"John strains and strums like heartbeat on speed. love and loss drug songs, overblown and in the red. Makes my mouth dry up and thirst for beer."
Midwest Vacation (3" CDR)
Narf Recrods

Out of print

"Mainly about driving cars, the joys and the miseries. Visits from the aliens, vacations to deliberately boring places, beneficial flood disasters, holiday arson and, of course, sex."

Love DUI (3" CDR)
Narf Records

Out of print

"6 songs about love/hate."

Heart of Grime
Shrimper Records


"Informed by a divorce, losing friends to drugs and watching his hometown’s rents rise and people leave, the album oscillates between harsh slabs of distortion and sparkling sound."